our christchurch, our people

We posted this awhile ago, and its still relevant. Let’s continue to maintain a high awareness and keep Christchurch as a priority. We should all go visit and take a look…

As those of us who are a step or two removed from the drama that has unfolded in Christchurch sit in front of our TV’s and the internet, its hard not to be consumed with a morbid fascination for the unbelievable.

I can’t imagine it; crushed, lost, scared, thirsty, uncertain of the future. Everything normal now turned on its head.

But this is not the time for the rest of us to become numb or complacent. We must dig deep, tighten our belts and GIVE. Not just this week but for the foreseeable future. Christchurch is not someone else’s problem, not John Key and his government’s issue to band-aid. This is ours, this is New Zealand’s.

This is our Christchurch, our people.

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