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We have been shocked and stunned by the earthquake events of the past few weeks. New Zealanders and others far and wide have rallied and united together for our people in Christchurch. And now the northern regions of Japan have been destroyed. For most of us we can’t begin to know or feel what it must be like.

This email from Keeley in Christchurch might help us to – just a little:

Hi Neil, thank you so much for your help this afternoon and offering discount on the Boh Runga Tui pendant, i am so impressed with such personal service and should i wish to be extravagant again i will have another look at your website.
For approx 2 hours on 22nd Feb at 1pm i hunted for my second oldest in the CBD, he is 12, and was 3 floors above the bus exchange in discovery school.

I passed crushed cars/ bodies/buildings (I’m a nurse so I’ve seen plenty of deceased people, but NEVER like i saw that day) and walked thru mud and water but was turned back at every corner. No phone working, car stuck in multi storey (its still there now)… i was sure i had lost him for good.

I walked to my husband’s work, and he was able to tell me that my son, and our 3 other kids were safe… the relief i felt was immense.  And then i hear a Tui sing…..bizarre. Hence the Tui pendant… to remind me always of how lucky we have been.

I have lost my work, my husband has lost his business site, our home is trashed, we have relocated out of town, but i dont give a stuff about any of that… i have my family, which is more than many have.

So, not sure why i waffled on, i just wanted you to understand the significance of my purchase to me, and that your kindness with the cost really touched me, thankyou. It makes me realise how wonderful NZ folk are.

(Im not usually such a drama queen..haha)

Keeley Rogers

Thanks so much for sharing that, Keeley, I don’t think anyone will be reading that thinking that you are a drama queen!

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