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Our team at Gusto & Grace in Auckland had a touching experience recently when we were visited by Jacob Orchard from Christchurch. Jake lost his ‘love’ in the Christchurch earthquake. Estelle Cullen was one of the victims in the PGC building collapse on Feb 22nd. Jacob’s family and friends had chipped in to help Jacob select a beautiful clock as a memorial to Estelle.

A very sad and moving story. Jacob and Estelle were about to start building their dream home in Christchurch and so Jacob was returning to start that project, complete with his very special Karlsson wall clock.

Thanks for sharing with us Jake, and all the best as you start to build your new home and rebuild your life in an unexpected new direction.

Stories and tributes for Estelle can be viewed at:

UPDATE: May 26th, 2011. We received a lovely email from Karlene Beattie;

Hi – I was out with girlfriends for dinner last night and one of them told me about your “stories from our christchurch” story about Jacob and Estelle.  Estelle is my cousin and it was very touching to see you put something like this up on your website.  The house is really taking shape now.  Thanks, Karlene (Devonport).

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