Trelise Cooper ‘Locket Full of Secrets’ Jewellery Collection

Lock it in your pocket before everybody hears about it…

Dark deeds and whispered secrets entwine with ancient memories in Trelise Cooper’s hypnotizing new range of antiqued sterling silver jewellery entitled ‘Locket full of Secrets’.

Inspired by long forgotten historical treasures; hidden meanings are inscribed into precious lockets, dramatic cuffs, statement rings, intricate pendants and a whimsical charm bracelet; each piece instantly desirable and recognisable for its innate Trelise Cooper magnetism.

Featuring ancient tomes, circus carousels, naughty nymphs and heraldic icons delicately etched in Latin, surprises hide in every corner of this gorgeous collection. Simultaneously elegant and playful, it’s worth a few wicked tricks to own a piece of it.

Visit our Trelise Cooper store right here at the Gusto & Grace Web-store.

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