New season Karlsson clocks – these are awesome :)

Our new season Karlsson clocks continue to flow in. There are some real stunners here including a very unique Flip Clock entitled ‘Time Talks’. The pick of the bunch for us is the large twin bell alarm clock, Nude Numbers. Stunning in white and bigger than your average alarm clock at 25cm, it makes for an interesting coffee table piece.

As always you can check out the extensive catalogue of Karlsson Clocks at our NZ distributor’s website here. Find what you like and then call us for a price (09 524-5766). We carry most of the range in stock.

Karlsson 'Time Talks' Flip $690 L:800mm x H:160mm
Karlsson Twin Bell Nude Numbers White 250mm $97.90 (also available in black)
Karlsson Alarm Clock 'In Relief' Black 100mm $44.90 (also available in Silver & White)
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