GO BLACK! 20% Off NZ Mint Black Onyx

The gorgeous Black Onyx Collection from the NZ Mint is seriously under-rated. So can we tempt you with a 20% discount on the whole collection (but not forever – just for a few weeks)?

Check out the range in our specials list here or view the full Me Collection here.

Designed by Sanya Bernard for the Mint and featuring exquisite black onyx in sterling silver settings.

UPDATE Nov 11, 2011: This promotion has finished in-store, but we still have most of the collection at the special prices for our online customers if you’re quick… click the specials list link above to take advantage NOW

For those of us who don’t know…

Black Onyx is a semi-precious stone with a ‘lush’ look that’s perfectly set off by brilliant sterling silver settings. Black Onyx is a crypto-crystalline form of quartz and rarer than onyx with banded colours.

Because onyx has a long history of use for hardstone carving and jewellery, a mythology has developed around it over the centuries. It is said black onyx can help you to find and focus on your dharma, your ‘true path’ and help you to safely, confidently and successfully walk that path.

The New Zealand Mint Jewellery me Black Onyx collection designs embody ancient mythological and religious cross, circle and tear drop symbolism.

One of our favourites:

Black Onyx Long Cross Earrings 20% Off. Pay Only $107.90. Be quick...


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