Boh Runga Weapons of Mass Devotion – in stock NOW

It’s a gorgeous new collection – we love it – you’ll want it :)

And see the last picture for the first Boh Runga designed Men’s Ring!

Beautifully crafted in 925 sterling silver.

(NB:  The New Zealand Mint is now adding the extra feature of rhodium plating to all their sterling silver jewellery. Rhodium is an inert ‘noble metal’. It withstands corrosion under nearly all environmental conditions. It gives the sterling silver a more vibrant, deeper and lustrous look. Rhodium is very hard, durable, near scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic. It preserves sterling silver jewellery beyond a normal lifespan and prevents the silver from tarnishing).

Devotion Ring - Arrow Side - Available in size N & P $259.90
Devotion Ring - Text Side Sizes N & P $259.90
Charm Bracelet with Gun & Bullet optional charms $307.70
Devotion Bracelet $301.90
Devotion Necklace $357.90
Arrow Earrings $158.90
Arrow Pendant $301.90
Love Bullet Gun Necklace $296.90
Love Arrow Bow Necklace $296.90
Heart Charm (Clip-on) $76.90
Gun Charm (Clip-on) $71.90
Bullet Charm (clip-on) $56.90
Weapons 'Chain' Charm Bracelet $178.90
Men's Devotion Ring (Size Y only) $260.90

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