Boh Runga Petite 9ct Rose Gold Fantail Pendant JB9CT05

Because you asked for it…

Boh and the NZ Mint have released the best selling pieces from each of her collections in gorgeous 9ct solid rose gold. Pre order now to receive for our special price of $369! Offer ends 31st march so get in quick! From the original Birdland Collection back in 1997, the Fantail necklace is really stunning. In Maori Mythology, the cheeky little bird we know as the Fantail, Piwakawaka was one of the great Maui’s companions and one he would often take the form of. Fantails are fascinating to watch as they dart and play while looking for insects. Curious and comical, they make me smile.

Metal: 9ct rose gold

Beautifully packaged in the Boh’s unique round jewellery box


Price: $399.90

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