We love customers <3

I cycled around lake Taupo which was a huge challenge (and another long story!), and while hanging around in Taupo we walked past a retail store that had a permanent sign on their front window that said:

We ‘Heart’ Customers.   (The heart was a graphic of a heart not the word – you know what I mean, text speak <3)

Anyway – I felt an immediate need to go into this store and check them out.

What a great retail message – I felt important, felt special, felt like I needed to spend money in their shop.

Unfortunately it was in the evening and they were closed.

Anyway, this is the underlying philosophy of Gusto & Grace and Creative. You, our customers, are the most important part of our business. More important than the stock we sell, you are our number one priority. Our passion and desire to see our customers feeling special and valued is our primary driver.

We hope that this is your experience with us.

(please tell us if we’ve dropped the ball…)

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