Our Mission is:

  • to enhance the pleasure of giving by providing gorgeous, inspired products beautifully packaged (and delivered for you if required), hassle free, thereby helping our customers to enhance and grow great relationships.
  • to grow a quality distribution channel (on and off-line) for a cross-section of New Zealand’s inspired creative artists to showcase their talent and generate profile, interest and revenue for their products.
  • to provide a nurturing, encouraging and creative environment for the benefit of our team members, suppliers and customers, built on the Gusto & Grace foundation of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, hard work, respect, compassion and generosity.

Our Vision is:

That Gusto & Grace makes a positive contribution to the ‘relationship health’ of NZ.

Our Fundamental Commitments are:

  • Long Term Profitability
  • Outrageously passionate customer service
  • To build teams of irresistibly attractive people to deliver the Gusto & Grace mission

What will we be famous for?

Gorgeous service, gorgeous products, gorgeous stores!