The good life is about great relationships. A wise man once said ‘it is a far greater thing to give than it is to receive’, and those that understand that we must give out from ourselves more than we receive (i.e. be a net giver), derive immense pleasure in giving to bless and encourage others and to build great relationships.

Gusto & Grace is about giving relationships a boost. We are in the ‘relationship enhancing’ business.

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Our purpose at Gusto & Grace is to facilitate this ‘relationship enhancing’ process by providing a unique, service focused environment where our clients can source an excellent range of products that are creative, gorgeous, inspiring, possibly funky, maybe fresh, but whatever the interpretation, they will be given with pleasure and received with delight.

At Gusto & Grace we have a heart for New Zealanders, whatever their origin; we love to champion ‘NZ Made’ and the creative arts in NZ; we care about environmental sustainability, looking after this great place; and we hope to provide excellent employment opportunities for our team in a fun, safe and encouraging environment.

At Gusto & Grace we believe that success in these objectives cannot happen without a sound foundation of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, hard work, respect, compassion and generosity.

The Gusto & Grace ‘value proposition’ is central to our operating philosophy; we are a boutique, full service (with a smile!), passionate retail business and we believe in some old fashioned values that do still matter. We desire to help and to give something of value to our clients and customers and it is simply this:

Gusto & Grace helps to take the hassle out of giving and enhances the pleasure and satisfaction of giving; if you need something special for someone special, anywhere in the world, Gusto & Grace has a solution that will impact and enhance that relationship; be it family, friend or acquaintance, intimate, personal or corporate.

In order to succeed in this and because we believe in the building and enhancement of relationships, Gusto & Grace is committed to building relationships of excellence with our customers.