Bestseller back in stock… Karlsson Mr White

Our best selling wall clock design of the last 12-18 months is back in stock at last.

Mr White Numbers is a gorgeous clock with a slightly off-white face and a chrome rim.  It is available in two sizes – 51cm diameter and 37cm diameter.

AND you can own one today and take advantage of our 10% Off Clock promotion.

Karlsson Mr White Numbers D:51cm. $356.90 less 10% = $321.20
Karlsson Mr White Station Large 51cm. Normally $356.90, pay 10% less $321.20
Karlsson Mr White Numbers D:37cm. $163.90 less 10% = $147.51
Karlsson Mr White Station Small D:37cm. $163.90 less 10% = $147.51

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